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Maybe you could use toenails from at least five subjects. Be sure that the subjects are consistent, i.e. same age, gender, nationality, etc. Have them each cut their tonails using the same pair of clippers, in the same room. Then, keep one of each person's tonails and place them in clear, plastic, lidded containers to use as the control. Be sure to label each one! Then, take the same amount/type of liquid floride and place it into 5 clear, plastic, lidded containers. Then, place the toenails in the separate containers and label. Repeat the process with the soda and orange juice and let sit for three hours. Be sure they are in a controlled enviroment, i.e. same room, same light, same temp, etc. Once the three hours is up, compare the specimens and make a list of similar changes. Then, repeat the experiment again. Finally, Create a theory using the available information. For example, "Floride whitens toenails, whereas soda and orange juice dulls and weakens toenails!"

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