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Default I need help picking an idea

Hello all,
I'm in the 9th grade. I'm taking Honors Bio and one of the requirements is to do science fair, which is on Feb 25th. I've done some procrastinating, but have now decided that I really need to get started.

My first choice of a project would be something that I could get done in just a day or two. I was thinking something involving people, maybe testing on how quickly they can identify a food or an object. (have a box and have people stick their hand inside to identify 5 common objects or something similar with food, except they would eat the food to identify what it is.)
How many people would I need for an experiment like this? I was planning on maybe doing this at church or going door-to-door.

Another idea would be to do something with plants. One idea was to test how plants grow under different lights (natural and a couple artificial) How long do you think this would take?
What other ideas do you have for plant experiments.

This project does have to be related to biology, so if the first idea isn't, please point that out. I know testing taste is but is identifing objects? (feel??) Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreaciated.

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