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Default These Things Dont Glow!!!

I've been working, well... TRYING to work on my science fiar for good on almost two months now. I've been placing ym orders through WARDS and needless to say we had a few little mix ups. I wanted to work with bioluminescent dinoflagellate and so they told me that amphidinium would be a good culture to start with. After emailing their LIVING ORGANISMS department, turns out amphidinium was not what i was looking for. To make a long story short I now have four test tubes filled with (2) Pyrocystic lunula and (2) Pyrocystis noctiluca. I have tried EVERYTHING to find some spec of information that I could on the internet and at my public library but it seems as though there is not much information on these species.

Sad to say that with the winter environment and not being able to create a stable living condition in the "comforts" of my home, I am lead to believe that my cultures are no longer living because they have not glowed. All of the instructions I received said to use specific lighting, which, through my conferences with WARDS turned out to be just my normal kitchen lighting. They have had their 12 hour day/night cycling periods and still nothing. I have spent too much money trying to get this done.

HELP! I need to know what experiment would be a reasonable one to use with my cultures in order to complete this years experiment. PLEASE give any thoughts or ideas, ALL would be greatly appreciated.

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