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Talking Yes.

I agree as well. But, some believe that they can trust all of their friends, and then they find out that they aren't that trustworthy. If I could quote mad on this one...


1. Friend's might use your account and then forget to log off - leaving your account open to someone else who come alongs and uses your account, pretending to be you! This is what's called "Hijacking".

2. Someone who manages to hijack your account can do bad things - such as slandering other members. If that happens, it will be difficult for you to convince anyone else that it wasn't really you. That might land you in hot soup."

That could be something that would happen most often. I know I have a problem with logging off, but I have noticed the new feature where it immedeately loggs you out when you close the internet. Thanks for that, Mad!
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