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Default Passwords

I would like to remind all members to keep their passwords completely confidential. We do not recommend that you share passwords with anyone. Also, after you've finished surfing our forum, remember to LOG OUT. If you forget, anyone who has access to your computer within the next couple of minutes can start using your account pretending to be you. Although that's a crime, there are people out there who will tempt fate and don't mind risking getting caught. We assure you that we're on the constant lookout for hijackers and will not hesitate to set the law on them.

To sum it all up, NEVER give your password to anyone. Even if it's a friend. And ALWAYS log out after you're done.


1. Friend's might use your account and then forget to log off - leaving your account open to someone else who come alongs and uses your account, pretending to be you! This is what's called "Hijacking".

2. Someone who manages to hijack your account can do bad things - such as slandering other members. If that happens, it will be difficult for you to convince anyone else that it wasn't really you. That might land you in hot soup.

Thanks for your cooperation!
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