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Default IT Project.

Please advise me how to go about this project.

Project Information:The project for this assignment has the following components:
1) A web-based B2B application;

2) Cost of CDN$800,000;

3) Deliverable in six months.

Here are your key elements :

1) You are designing a web application;

2) It is to be in the business-to-business sector of the e-commerce market;

3) You have a CDN$800,000 budget and a 6-month schedule;

4) Your team should have two marketing representatives, and two engineering representatives.

With respect to the presentation and deliverables, here is what Mentor(s) is expecting. Keep in mind that you are on an internal team with an organization Ė not consultants to a company. You can be a startup or a large firm, but you are within the company.

Due: A week before you are going to take final examination

∑ General overview of project. Tell him/her/us why there is a need, what the market looks like, why people will pay, and who will pay.

∑ Functionality. Tell us the key functional components of the app. In other words, we want to know what you think it has to do to be successful.

∑ Price point. Give us some idea of where the product might be priced.

∑ Mockups. Present three or four basic screen mockups that give us an idea of the programís logic.

∑ Data model. Tell us about the main entities/attributes/relationships that will be incorporated in the application. (breakdown of tasks, responsibilities, escalation procedures, milestones, budgets, critical path, and all other relevant dimensions of the application)

∑ Business logic. Give us an overview of how the data model will be constrained by the business logic.

∑ Deliverable: Final report with a maximum of six pages.
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