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Originally Posted by actinggal7
hi after so much choosing and stuff i decided to do my project on the effects of water on popcorn poppingl..and i soaked kernels in water for diff amounts of time and then popped them in a popcorn maker thing and i though the water would help but it didnt so my concclusionwas that i added to much water ( the ratio from water to kernels was too much) but thats the only solution i seems too young and not sophisticated any ideas??? plz ive tried hard but does anyone know any other reasons why it didnt work ?? PLEASE HELP!1
Was there more water on the outside or on the inside of the popcorn? That is a question. Cause water on the inside, I think would help build up pressure, though Smarty C might be right in his hypothesis. However, water on the outside of the popcorn doenst help the popcorn pop. On the contrary, (did you use a microwave?) the water on the outside takes away the heat that would have went into the water on the inside, which would explain if it popped slower with more water.

As for no effect, you should just identify what's wrong. Don't sweat it if your conclusions don't seem so WOW. as long as you have good scientific procedures and tried to answer why you got the conclusions you do. Try to propose a few points. Smart C and each proposed a point. What is your opinion? Do you think water got into the kernel?
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