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Originally Posted by dmiller
My son (6 years old) came up with a science fair project. We need your help to decide what principles it demonstrates:

We have a battery-powered spinning fan on which we placed a nerf dart (the ones with a suction cup) on the top. When it is not spinning, the dart is straight, when we spin it, the dart appears to bend. This is probably a backwards way to come up with a science project, but it is my son's first and I want to help him with his idea. Any help is appreciated.
well it depends, is the "stem" part of the dart solid or soft, becuase it might be that the dart is too soft and when you spinning it, it bends, so it depends, however, it could be that the force exerted onto the dart from the spinning fan overpowers the darts inertia (a matter's property to remain in motion when in motion and remain in its own position when no force is exerted on it [you can try to find the definition of inertia])

this is my suggestion, however i'll try to get some of the other mentors to give you some help, good luck!!
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