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ScienceIsCool is truly a scientist!

Mad Scientist is right in saying you should always try to do a project that is interesting to you.

Think about it: Some of us like to play video games and can play for hours and hours and hours? Why? Because it's fun and interesting.

Likewise, if you invest a little effort into thinking and finding a project that's interesting to you, you are much more likely to actually learn something from the experience - not to mention score higher points!!

Act early so you have time to refine your ideas. Don't be shy to work with your teacher. He or she will be glad to help you if you show genuine interest. There's nothing more inspiring for a teacher than to see a student who really is interested in learning!!

Do the following to expose yourself to as many different ideas as possible:
  1. Browse through the many interesting projects on this website. When you read other people's ideas, it's likely to stimulate thinking on your part.
  2. If you think of one or two things that interest you, be sure to use the search feature on this website to see what others have done
  3. Use the encyclopedia on this website to lookup terms or subjects that you don't understand. The encyclopedia is pretty useful and seems to be written by knowledgeable folks.
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