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Lightbulb reply and continue...

well I'm back well it seems your opinion are continueing but didn't God fight the dragon in the part of Revelation? anyway it seems like your a bit of a fundalmentilist of the bible (no offence) well as I repeated many times that I tend to interperate like my Religion teacher taught us... why don't you try yourself it's not that a sin... well no offence but did God come to be? how did he exist? well as I said I'm a christian myself but it is not a sin to think it that way or if it is I wouldn't be learn it that way in religion class...

more to come...

P.S it seems like my threads walk on to the path into religion then to science oh well it is good to hear your opinion and learn more from each other ...
"Things happen for a reason"
science Rocks
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"with out war we cannot appreciate peace!"

Gentle movements
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what is the meaning of life?

more to come...
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