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Default Grade 9 needs some advice (or help)

Ok, so first of all I looked to a tons of site trying to find ideas, I got things about electricity but unfortunatly I didn't understand 1 term hehe. So I then looked at some genetic/chemistry ideas but didn't found or came up with anything interesting.

I'm actually trying to find a project interesting and a bit hard (things that you can buy in your town--> i live in montreal so I can almost get anything). I'm interested in genetic/computer science/math, and chemistry. If you have any good idea for a person around my age it would be really helpful. Though, no need to tell me how to make a volcano, use the prism for the spectrum, etc...

In other words, I just need a bit help to get started, I'm sure i can get access to a lab.

Thanks for the help in adcance!

EDIT: earth science also interest me.
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