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Originally Posted by genesis View Post
I have a laser beam and i want to do a project with it. I will settle for anything that can be done within 2 days though. I need a project ASAP. My favorite subjects would be in electricity, heat, and many others (except for biology). Please help me out.

I had a project idea but it turned out to be a bust and now i have 3 days to find a new one, write four pages of research on it, and finish the experiment. My original project was to compare light refraction between seperate liquids with types of sediment in it. Help a guy out?

Obviously, im in trouble.

Help, thanks.
Gosh, I'm sorry.

Right now, I'd suggest you keep with the light refraction. Find different liquids, or different concentrations of dyed liquids. For example, 25% blue dye, 50% blue dye, 100% blue dye--their different refractions, absorptions, etc. Or different colors and same concentrations. This isn't that hard, as long as you have all your materials. Just measure and record the data, and make conclusions. You can vary concentration, color, or ion concentration (how much salt, for example.)

Good luck!
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