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Default bacteria or botany?


I'm supposed to have a question centered in the life sciences (biology) and I was wondering if anyone could help me.

If I were to do a project using bacteria, where can I get the petri dishes and the gelatin? And how do I regulate what kind of bacteria I grow? Can I buy bacteria?

And if I were to grow plants, and cover their leaves with vaseline so they couldn't breathe, how does that relate to real life? Why is it important?

Those are the only two questions I have that are relevant to the life sciences as of now, so if anyone has any other suggestions, that'd be great.

EDIT: As of now, I am rather set on the question of "What is the effect that the tobacco mosaic virus has on mold?"

Mold is easy, petri dishes, well, I have lots of answers to that now, and I know you can get the tobacco mosaic virus from cigarettes and infected plants. It's nearing winter, and I'm pretty sure none of the hardware stores/gardener stores have any infected plants for sale, so any other sources? I know you can buy it, but you need a teacher, and I think they need a permit, and it's rather expensive. After all, they're expecting people with budgets larger than mine.

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