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Default Does barometric Pressure Effect Marine Physcology

Hey, I just wanted a second opinion on this one, or what other alternative things I can test. I really want to test the effect of the current barometric pressure on fish's eating habits (mainly mummichugs, common bait minnows). I love learning about marine aquatic life, live on the water, and know myself that fish always seem to go into a feeding frenzy whenever a storm is near and pressure is high. I have several other sources that also concur with me on this.

I was planning on testing this by setting up a pressurized fish tank. I am thinking of using a cooler (to hold against pressure, don't want to crack any glass) and sealing half of the top using plexiglass, screwing it into rubber and silicone sealing it, then having a hinged half that butts up to the other sheet, with rubber in between, and rubber all around it, then I would screw it down, or clamp it down, Im not sure what Ill do for the door just yet, but I need to be able to open it, and it needs to hold pressure for an extended period (an hour or two) I was going to install a tire one-way pressure valve in the glass to pressurize the tank through, then use a pressure gauge that you can let air out with while checking pressure, to get the right pressure. Any suggestions for this contraption would be great.

I also would need a mechanized that I can use to drop food into the tank, so I can record how much they eat. I would test various situations, such as feeding at certain times in the day, then doing the test, and see if they eat more at the given time. I could also try feeding them until they eat no more, then do the test, and see if this encourages them to eat more. Im really interested in this test and would really like to do this, so all feedback and criticisms are perfectly welcome.

I would mainly be testing for how much they eat when pressure is increased, and may even try doing it in low light conditions with thunder in the backround to impersonate a storm and could also test that.

My constant would be a five day period in which I feed them regularily, and see how much they eat.

One thing I am aware of is that since these are wild fish, If I put a lot of food in the water, they may eat it all, and die. I want to be sure I dont overfeed them. I would be measuring how much they eat through a given amount of flakes, and see how many are left over.

Also, does anyone have any other experiments I could do using mummichugs or on marine life? I have access to aquariums and various habitats and temperatures, bay grasses, etc. even oysters, grass shrimp you name it, I have an oyster bed by the way also, and I wouldnt mind doing any experiments with oysters.
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