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Originally Posted by Science4ever
I need help!! I love how you mentors are soo good of thinking of good ideas! Do you guys think you could help me??? I need an good idea for a science project!! i'll name some question that i thought might of been a good project for me but i don't know how to present them;

-why is light white?(i don't even know why light is white)
-Does eating your breakfast help you perform better in school?
-Does the color of your hair affect its ability to keep your head warm?
-What makes a parachute work?
-Does color mentally changes taste?
-why does the sun seems to follow you when driving the car?

any ideas??? if soo please tell me A.S.A.P!! THanks !!

~~~ out of ideas ~~~~~

Okay first, what grade are you in. Depends on what grade level. But, what makes a parchute work coould be tested. Also, Does that color of hair... could be tested. Hint:different colors and hues attract more sunlight than others. Does eating... could be tested, but you would need alot of people to make the outcome fair. Same with does color mentally change taste. GOOD LUCK!!!!
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