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Originally Posted by katiepoo View Post
I'm a grade 10 student, and happen to be in advanced classes. So winning this years science fair, is a big expectation of my classmates and teachers. I have access to most labs and was thinking about burning methane to produce electricity. If anyone has more information on this, or even better ideas, it would be really appreciated.
Just an idea: you can burn various organic chemicals, and check out which ones are more efficient. For example, methane vs. butane, or compare these to regular gasoline (which is a mixture). Since the energy crisis is such a big thing right now, you can try finding an oil alternative.

I think the problem with turning methane into electricity is how can you turn heat into electricity? Turbo engines turn kinetic energy into electricity with steam and water, etc. So can you find some way to turn heat into eletricity?
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