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dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud! dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud!

Before, I thought the number of coils increased b/c there was more contact between the coil (called the solenoid) and the iron tube. But I decided to read up on it, and here's what I got. (Physics is not my forte. )

It actually has everything to do with the magnetism. For each coil, another magnetic field is generated, and the number of coils is directly porportional to the strength of the field. Here is the most helpful site I found. Look at the diagram [[url]][/url]

As for the diameter, can you specify what diameters you used? Cause I guess (not sure) that it is because with each increasing diameter, the distance increases between the coil and the iron core, so that the strength decreased. Cause the strength of the mangetic fields is proportional to the distance squared, which is a lot. So when you change a 1mm diameter to a 2 mm diameter, hypothetically, the magnetic field would increase fourfold instead of two (four is two squared). (Once again, this is my guess. You should check to make sure I'm right. This info is also from the same site I posted before)

Good luck!
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