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Exclamation Chlorofluorocarbons

My dad works with Air-Conditioning, and uses a bunch of freon. Did you know that if you release (CFC'S) into the air it's a 1,000$ fine. CFC'S sre the reason why global warming will come. You see CFC'S deplete the ozone layer, which protects us from most of the heat. If we deplete to much, use to much Chlorofluorocarbons than we could die. The sun would melt all the ice in the ocean, causing it to rise and to flood the world. Crops would die. If they dont die from water drowing the sun is to intense for them to live. So please if your working with and type of Chlorofluorocarbons(cfc) please be careful. Any thing else that anyone wants to add just post a comment.
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