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Default Electromagnet

As a problem for my science fair, I had; What affects the strength of an electromagnet? I made a wrapped a 20 gauge insulated wire around an iron tube to and used a 6V battery. I tested, the number of wraps and the diameter of the coil. My results were: "The higher the amount of wraps the greater the magnetic field and the larger the diameter the smaller the magnetic field." Can anyone explain to me why this is so? I understand that electrons move from the negative side to the positive side, creating electricity, but why does that diameter of the coil have an affect on that. My guess for my first result is: since there are fewer wraps, there is a smaller magnetic field around the iron pipe, giving it an inferior magnetic field as compared to one with greater wraps. Can someone explain this to me in a scientific way, but not to complicated, as I have not yet taken as physics class, what I know is from what I read about physics.
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