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BroadwayBaby is truly a scientist!

Originally Posted by Caboose38924
Isn't the angle that ketchup moves fastest through the bottle 57 degrees because it says 57 on the top of the heintz bottle?, or is it just that the company started in 1957 or 1857?

Otherwise i'm not sure on how to do the project, but here is a site that is about what keeps ketchup in the bottle if you wouldn't mind changing your science fair project topic.


I hope, with whatever project that you choose, that it goes well. Also, what ever you do, don't, i mean DONT put baking soda in the bottle. (explodes everywhere when you go to use it.) Have Fun!
57 is on the Heinz ketchup bottle because they use exactly 57 varities of tomaotes in their ketchup. !

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