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Question Platform

I have to agree, also.

I do indeed have a question, though. What happens if somebody left it to the last minute. And what if it wasn't their fault? Isn't this site supposed to help them? With that said, mentors and fellow experimentors should be there to help them.I'm not saying that people should give the entire project away. It is always a great idea to give people ideas so that they can think for themselves. Just try to be good debaters for a second and hear me out. An old quote says that "there is always an exception to the rule." Also, no two people are the same. Therefore, Some people need more than others.

I think a good thing to do, would be to reply to the thread with a topic idea. This allows the individual to think for themselves. If they have any problems, concerns, or questions with the idea, they can post again, and the person who gave the topic can give the thread-starter a little more to work with.

That's my platform. Thanks for listening!

Yours truly,

Joker Jones
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