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Question does food smell effect food taste? science project

My son is in 4th grade and he has chosen "Does the smell of food effect the taste of food" as his science project. He stated the problem, and he hypothesized "yes, the smell does effect the taste". I am hitting a brick wall on helping him "planning the procedure". Can anyone suggest materials? He has blindfold, fruit and vegetables but I don't think that is extensive enough. I don't want to do his project of course, but I need help with other ideas. I was thinking a pickle, licorice and red pepper hummis, just to shake things up. Also, for the step-by-step, what would the "acceptable" amount of "subjects" (victims?) be to make it a worthy experiment? This isn't due until the 16th, but our weekdays are pretty full already. Any help would be appreciated! Oh, also, any suggestions on the best way to present the data collected: chart, table or graph? Thanks so much!
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