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Do you know anyway you can measure aspartame or if the amount is given on the ingredients list? Perhaps you can measure the amounts of aspartame in different sweet foods. I think that it is hard to test whether or not aspartame is really harmful or not. I don't think the leaf or ant will do it. It's the buildup of aspartame inside the body, not because you've touched aspartame, that harms you. For the same reason, you can't pour aspartame solution on a leaf, observe the damage, and therefore conclude that aspartame is harmful. I actually wonder...if you can get pure aspartame, what if you water plants with aspartame, what would happen? (I don't expect the plant to die, but maybe stunt growth, or help growth, so if you want to try that, you need a control plant.)Or pour aspartame on plant leaves? Just some ideas. And on one more note--I'm don't know much about aspartame. (Maybe what I just wrote is absolutely impertinent.) If you could, could you give me some more info about it? Thank you, and good luck!
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