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Question food science- aspartame is BAD! plz help

hi ive already been here alot and thanks to ppl that helped with topics...ive decided to do something on aspartame- you know the artificial sweetner (aka no calories)..ppl use it but its supposedly reallyu bad for you and it turns to methanol or whatever...the bad stuff and yea if heated to above 85 degress like 86 it turns to that and two teaspoons is deadly or somethig and their have been so many cases like that but the food association still allows some ppl just dont believe that its bad...but its in diet coke and in gum and so much stuff (also called nutrasweet and spoonfull or something)

buti dont know my research or problem quwestion..maybe if aspartame relaly is bad but i dotn know how to test it bc i dont want to harm anyone lol..but maybe on plants or insects..but they have completely diffferent bodies (duh) and i might not be alloud to har them

any ideas on a question?? about if its relaly bad>? plz help
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