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Talking Hijacking: Why you should keep your password safe!!

Hello there!! BroadwayBaby here, your FLP leader!! We recently had a situation where someones account was hijacked. No need to be alarmed, hijacking is when someone who is not the user logs on to there username and posts strange messages. This strange occurance can be prevented if you do certain procedures. First, always remember to log off your username if you are posting in a public place. Second, be sure to tell no one your password, except, be sure to tell your parental units your passwords, so if something should go wrong, they would have acsess to your accounts. Then, change your passwords often, and be sure to change them to something inconspicuas. (unguessable) The last thing you can do is keep your eyes peeled for strange activity, and if found, report it to a responsible adult so they can assist you with the problem. If you follow these instructions, your account will be virtually hi-jacker proof!! Thank you and HAPPY LEARNING! - BroadwayBaby!

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The face of love
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