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Originally Posted by lava girl
My daughter is trying to make a homemade lava lamp for her science fair project. We found a website that listed the ingredients, but not the mixture of them. We are trying to use 90% rubbing alcohol, 70 % alcohol, and mineral oil. But we need to know the amounts of each. We have a gallon wine jug for the bottle. Can someone PLEASE help?
The best way to find out is to try. But do you understand the concept? You heat the mixture of oil and alcohol. Supposively, the oil or the alcohol is at the bottom, and that is what you want to have less of. Because when it's at the bottom, you heat the mixture from the bottom, the it becomes less dense. Then the oil rises up, while other oil sink to the bottom, and there's your oil lamp. Try it out. First check which one is at the bottom. It's suppose to be oil. So put around 30% of that, and add the alcohol. If you want more oil, just pour out the alcohol and add oil.

Good luck!
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