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Default I know this is way too late, but..

Okay, you can't do that kind of experiment. Variables need to stay mostly constant in a science experiment, unless you're aiming for low marks or are at a very low grade level. I expect even a grade 6 to know that you can't keep your variables as variables. You need to exclude any difference that each experiment has from another before you can start. Eg: Your science fair project is about kicking a soccer ball. You need to eliminate the wind factor, because it can blow different ways when you are kicking it, and you need to eliminate the change in force when your foot hit's the ball. You can't use 12N of force on the first one and then 24N of force on the second one. That would make your experiments baloney and widely innacurate. If I had signed up at the time of your experiment, then this is what I would have said anyways.
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