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Weird -I'm subscribed to this thread but I didn't get an e-mail notification. Oh, well.

Our school would probably use TurnItIn if we were willing to spend the money - and if we could convince all the students to start turning in their work online. I think the second part is harder than the first.

Teachers ultimately don't have much control over school policies, since schools are much larger and have to handle many more problems that individual teachers have to deal with in their jobs.

As a result, we have an English teacher who uses Plagiarism Checker every time students turn in an assignment. Maybe some day in the future, every student will have a broadband Internet connection. That day will probably come soon. Until then, we have to work with the situation the way it is.

By the way, copying someone else's idea and not the words for a science project might not always be considered plagiarism, but someone who did that to a high-tech patented product would probably get lots of lawyers coming after him. Just another good reason to start the right habits early.
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