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I have something interesting on - 'How does human hair effect growth of plant if somebody wants to do something really different:

About the only benefit that human hair could have on plant growth would be as a
fertilizer supplying nitrogen and sulfur. Hair is a protein, called keratin.
Proteins contain about 15% nitrogen. Keratin also contains some sulfur.
However, protein nitrogen and sulfur is slowly available. Microbes must break
down the protein before they are available for plant uptake. Keratin is not
easily decomposed so is a slow release fertilizer.

Human hair is not often sold as fertilizer. However, feather meal is another
keratin source often used as a nitrogen fertilizer. Unflavored gelatin is made
from another animal structural protein, collagen. Unflavored gelatin is
sometimes labeled and sold as a houseplant fertilizer.
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The Newtons and friends were taking tea
Beneath the boughs of an apple tree,
When a falling fruit landed on the
Head of the head of the family.
Mrs. Newton cried, 'Well deary me!
That could've caused an injury'.
But clever Isaac alone could see,
The situation's true gravity.

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