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Originally Posted by actinggal7
please help i know theres a whole list but lots of the ideas seem really difficult to experiment on and i dont know how to do them...does anyone know good science fair =projects to do with food and nutrition or like food science that are at a gr. 11 level science but not too hard to experiment on???? i read something about if you can preserve animals by freezing them like for exampe a fish but that may be at a lower level;...any other ideas??? please im desperate and ive posted many times before!! please help!


Once again, I have a few suggestions. It's your choice.

1) Effect of heat/acid on milk.
2) Calorimeter--basically measuring the calories in a food with simple tools such as a can of water, fire, and food. Research more about it if you're interested.
3) Or seeing how much popcorn pops by adding different amounts of water. (Moisture supposively helps pop more popcorn.)
4) The presence of protein in different foods. Just add biuret solution to a food mashed up in water and see if it turns from blue to purple. I suggest you use a blender for that. or buy baby food.
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