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Hey, first to aplogize for my non-responding, I've been busy a lot lately, so I just hadn't time...

So, one by one... No, I'm not a techer, but I have finished a philosophy college, and I'm, among the other stuff, an artist. Amon(to ur knowledge) is an egyptian god of male-sex, and L'isa(franc., in egiptian Izida), a female ones. Don't let the prejudices think instead of you, please!!! It is how DaVinci gave Mona Lisa the name. If u switch letters in Amon u get-Mona! Or it could be just a coincidence)(then again, the main goal of Sion priorate was keepin the truth of holy woman, and her sexuality)

Well, Leo was among the first to use"sfumato" tehnique, and lot of artists after him used it while painting. Wrll, it's not exectly like u said, "sfumato" "looks" a bit "foggy", there are no sharp limits between two areas... Take a look at Mona Lisa, from a book,or somwhere and ull see it!

More questions please!)))
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