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Thank you SOOOO much for responding so quickly !
Yes, the glasses are the same size - equivalent to a measuring cup
The substance is the same- it being water
The straws are all of different lengths and width- in the first test, one adult and one child used one gigantic straw each to see who could drink the water the fastest and how much the straw was able to take in. The second test was drinking out of two regular sized straws at the same time, and the gigantic straw still won. The third test was to see if drinking out of four coffee stirrer straws at the same time would be quicker than two regular straws and it wasn't. With the test subjects being one adult and one child....I won the first test. We had the same amount of water each on the second test. And the third test, I had 3/4 water left with the coffee stirrers and my son wasn't able to really get anything at all.
Btw, I love you for taking time out to help lol ! Ty !
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