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Default university 2nd year project:: elecromagnetically-propelled train

hi, am a 2nd year electrical engineer, i have to build a microcontroller-operated elecromagnetically-propelled train.
i need help on the electomagnetic part. i want to build a model which will have a magnet track and is propelled by current through the coils!!!!
here is the exact discription::::

Magnetically propelled train. You are expected to build your own train. The train must be able to move both forward and backward and keep track of its current position and distance traveled. Propulsion is achieved by alternating the polarity of inductor coil(s) installed in the train. You are provided with all the crucial pieces you need to build both the train and the track: rare-earth magnets, magnet wire (available in the lab), metal from the shop, wheels,
and if you need them, Hall-effect sensors. The train must be autonomous, that is, no remote controls are allowed.

Magnetic track: 70 high-strength-neodymium -inch diameter magnets will be provided per group to build the train track. The track must be one meter long with metal backing. You should install the magnets in the metal backing with alternating polarities at an appropriate distance for your train/track design
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