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Dear wisteria and minnie 30567746


I am sorry that I kind of disappear and not participate in the forums.
The logistic manager at my work got sick and I had to cover him for sever days. It was very hard working on two departments.
But now that I am back to normal life, I will be joining the forums again trying to help others.

Those 12 years seem a lot but the truth is that since the beginning sometimes I had to drop down the project due to responsibilities with school, family or job. All the work that I have done has been done in my spare that’s why it took me 12 years. Also, money and opportunities does not come quite often.

All the time invested does not matters because right now I am happy that here in Mexicali teachers are starting to trust my model and assign homework to their students so they can get to know the model. That’s great news!!!

If you cannot download a free sample. Email me your home/office address and I’ll send you one to via regular mail.

An yes. The entire site is mine. Hope you liked it.

REE means Regla de Estructuras Electrónicas, that is the name of the model in Spanish, which means: Electronic Structure Ruler.

Thanks for your comments.

Best regards

Oscar Ramírez Chávez
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