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hmmm. "a model of eco -friendly energy"

That is something more difficult, and i am not to sure it can be easily done.

Building a solar power light might be something to consider.... or using water to collect Hydrogen.

Here is a link on how to make a solar cell.

And here is a link on how to bottle hydrogen.... i guess you could make some kind of "engine". Where the battery breaks down the water, the H and O2 are then funneled into some sort of combustion chamber and boom.


I have done that before with varying degrees of success.
Even then tho.. that is not so efficent. It takes a lot of energy to break H2O appart.... and the battery you are using will be wasted quick {9v only last about 10min.} And that can be very dangerous, as Hydrogen is very explosive. So if you do choose that make sure your parent is with you! But you can run a small "engine" off water. But there is a lot of trial and error with this to....

Hope that helps some
If that seems to be no help... tell me and I will try to come up with an idea.

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