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Default Project Idea For 1st Grader?-plzzz Help


I am trying to help my 1st grade son find a science project idea. Last year we visited this site and got a lot of really great ideas. My son ended up winning 1st place for kindergarten. It made me very proud. It is hard to believe the competition is really fierce at his school so we need to find a great idea for this year too.

We were hoping someone could help us with a great idea for a project. It needs to include the scientific method and cannot be a demostration only type project. He is very bright- can read, write, do math- including multiplication. He is capable of doing something past first grade level.

Here is what we are looking for:
Something that would be fun for my son to do.
Something that would impress his teacher and others.

possible topics:
states of matter
or any other suggestions

Plzz help!!!!
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