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Default Quantitative Analysis of Proteins in Milk Spoilage

As milk spoils, I tested the amount of proteins in milk by 1)centrifuging, then 2)diluting 3)adding biuret solution 4)put in spectrophotometer at 650 nanometers. The experiment is already finished. I've found that during the spoilage, there was an initial slight increase in the amount of whey proteins before it decreases. I wonder why. I understand why it decreases--casein precipitates/coagulates as the pH changes and microorganisms might have broke down the proteins into polypetitides (if protein-consuming microorganisms are present at the initial stages of spoilage). Another question is did the decrease in pH (more acidic) cause the proteins to break down into polypetitides, or is it only the microorganisms?

Thank you very much!
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