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Yeah, that's right... I do that all the time... That's how I've learned to right with my left. Peace of cake)

Then, you probably heard of, so called "ashbat", ancient letter, that's actually a big code-letter. You get it if u take for eg, english alphabet, and cut it on two halfs. Just notice, you make two halfs like you take a peace of paper and put one half over another. that's how one half of a letter gets it partner, BUT, "A" 's partner letter isnt "N", its "Z". Got it?That mean "M" gets "N", for e.g., "B" gets "Y" etc...
So if my name is ANA, in "ashbat" it wolud be "ZMZ". In nowdays languages, it doesn't makes sence, but long ago, it did. Preasts in Mesopothamia used it, and thats how they managed to hide their city Babylon(or Vavylon) from semith tribes, that presented a great danger to Babylon. Sometimes they would caught their caravans, or"mailmans", and so there was no way to find out for it... Helenic ppl finaly realised what was it all about, and found out a great civilization hidden far away from Greece.
Just for record, "ashbat" didin't help a lot. What can stop dozens of violent tribes in search for a fortune, food, and death?
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