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Originally Posted by $*MGBubbles*$
I need help in my science project. I dont know where to research for the differences that the two types of bubblegums have. My teacher says that first I have to do a research to find out a hypothesis. My hypothesis has to be like this: If ________ <I dont know what to write ,Then,<I also dont know what to write!
Hi MGBubbles

Your hypothesis could be
If the bubble gum has more X content, then it lasts longer

You should go to the store and look at the main contents of the 2 bubble gum brands you mentioned. Then make a list of the contents you want to investigate. For example, one possibility to investigate is sugar.

Hence, "If the bubble gum has more *sugar* then it lasts longer"

You should research and try to figure out which is the main ingredient of bubble gum that makes it last longer. It may not be sugar. It may be some additive for example.

ALl the best.
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