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Originally Posted by sciencerules
My science fair project is due in two days!

BUT I have a big problem: my science teacher disagrees with my project! I need help! I need to make sure that my project makes sense.

I'm measuring and comparing the electrolytes in different drinks (eg. milk, water, Gatorade, Red Bull...) in order to see which drinks' prices are "worth" the amount of electrolytes they contain.

This is what I did:
I tested the conductivity of each drink with a voltmeter and a battery three times. Then I took the price of each drink and divided it by its average voltage to get the price per volt.

Will calculating the price per volt give me the price per electrolyte?
What is the relationship between electrolytes and voltages?
Any suggestions to improve my project?

Thank you!
Electrolytes are number of ions formed. Voltage is the force by which these ions/electrons are going through the volt meter.

your teacher can't disagree with it if you make safe conclusions directly from your experiment, like state the obvious. Maybe pose a few questions, but don't assume or calculate. Research a bit more on the voltage and electrolytes. Good luck!
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