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Originally Posted by CanadianScienceQueen

I am just wondering what grade level you are at. I am kind of afraid that it maybe a little to simple because I am in the tenth grade.
I don't think this project is too simple. My advice: do NOT do this project word for word. Change a step to make the experiment even better, do more trials, have different concentrations of pollutants (change the weight of the dead fish), etc. Just ask yourself, what would make this better/more accurate? Perhaps I'll use a graduated pipet instead of an imprecise graduated cylinder. What tools don't seem right? You can make this even more complicated than a 10th grade experiment, depending on the equipment you use, or how many trials you have, or perhaps the applications you add in. Like what I previously mentioned, you can test the water from different places, and use bioluminescent bacteria as a standard curve if you can measure the light (which, by using a BD, lab machine which actually measures the amount of light cells give off, you can do) to determine the amount of pollution. (Therefore, you are QUANTIFYING the amount of light, which is a plus.)
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