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Originally Posted by Caboose38924 View Post
Ok, im gonna need some help with this one. My teacher didn't explain anything on how to do this project. He just gave us a handout that is way over my head. I think that I have to see how much weight my bridge can hold. For this project I need to build a bridge, which i have already done, but now I have to write a 5 page paper on it! I know that isn't a lot, but writing a 5 page paper, and not knowing what to write it on is difficult. This is what is explained in the handout.

A-Opening Paragraph: Thesis statement,Hypothesis,Purpose statements
B-Background Paragraph:Research Topic, write some background material
C-Materials: Explain Materials,(popsicle sticks, hot glue&hot glue gun)
D-Write EVERYTHING in sentence form. Procedures are to written step by step
E-Conclusion-Explain results: What did you find?Was your Hypothesis correct? Why was it correct or incorrect? (to be explained in scientific terms) What would you do differently to improve your experiment?

I have 1 week left to finish this project! I need all the help I can get.

How much do you think it can hold? that will be your hypthesis. Why do you think it can hold that amount?
What research did you do? what did you find?
why did you use what you did? was it benificial? why?
What was your procedure?
what did you find....why?
ooo ooo

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