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dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud! dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud!

Here are some general things we (the mentors look at while the trainee mentees are posting.

-The most important, I believe is, is the information you post up helpful? If someone wants to know something about the microscrope, for example, you shouldn't write "microscopes are cool." Sometimes people misunderstand being helpful as having to have an answer to everything. Sometimes, being helpful means thinking of possible ideas, not necessarily the right ones.

-How clear are your posts? Please, please do not use internet acronyms and PUNCTUATION. dOnt yOu tHinK this is HaRD to READ it is aLso VeRY AnnoYIn nO one KnOws wHeRe ur senTenCes sTarT and EnD iT doEnt hElp cLariFY ur wRitiNg You get my point.

-Also, important is how do you treat your mentees, fellow trainee mentees, and mentors. Be nice. Enough said.

Somethings I look for, though I think most of the other mentors would agree with me is QUESTIONS. What questions do you ask?

First of all, I'm very happy that you ask these questions, because no one in my team has asked me so far what I'm looking for.
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