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If there would be ever a chance to create so called Uthopia... It would be a world where everybody would Understand. Where everyone would be Happy. One very important thing is>Uthopia is not a place where all your dreams are real... That would be something else, it would be a place called The helll of Ilusions... There's no chance that 2 ppl on this world be happy at the same time. So, it wouldn't be Uthopia anymore. Uthopia should be a world where everybody love, but in the way they know, they have learned. It musn't change ppl. I mean totaly. Just, it will reqire some small changes such as removing that what's not necesary. PPL have to be furious, have to cry, smile, love, be anxsious... That's normal. But sick things should't exsist. Such as wars, killings. This takes us to the place where we realise that even this is human. Yes, it is. So, basicly, Uthopia doesn't exists. Ppl just gave it a wrong name. It's a world called EGO.
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