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Post Utopia

In school, we are beginning to read the bok The Giver by Lois Lowry. For those of you who don't know, the book is about a boy growing up in a perfect society. An absolutly perfect society is known as a Utopia. Everyone's idea of a Utopia is different. Remember that, because it is important later. In our class, before beginning to read the book, we were told to create our own Utopian societies, focusing on the five most important areas of civilizations, GOVERNMENT, SUSTENECE, LAW, EDUCATION, and PROTECTION. We split into groups and formed them. This was difficult because every Utopian society has a flaw. A Utopian society has not been created yet, or, if it has been created, we do not know of it. On of the greatest examples of someone trying to create a Utopian society, was Hitler. In his mind, the perfect society was one in which only true germans lived in. Remember, everyone's idea of Utopia is different. So, I challenge each and everyone of you to create a Utopian society of your own and post your thoughts here. It is amazing fun. HAPPY UTOPIA!

P.S. This is not in the correct forum, but, I feel it needs to be near discussions that are similar, which are in this forum.

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