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Originally Posted by jazzdancer View Post
i am in the 8th grade and i am doing somthing simular exept 4 mine th rules are the egg cannot be boild it has to be just a regular egg it will be dropped from at least 12 meters high on to conrete u MaY NOT use foam or commercial packing material or like objects and no parachutes i can only use no more than 1 meter of tape and one meter of string (each) total it must fit inside a box 12.5 cm on each side the materials must be scrap and after each drop the egg has to be able to be inspected after each drop and you cannot take very long to get it out

I dont know what to do can someone please help me come up
with a few ideas
well in 6th grade i did that i used cottonballs and it barely cracked but waterballoons work i think and cottonballs work too if you tighten them enough.i used a disposable cube thing and it worked fine
by the time you get this it will probly be too late tho
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