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Originally Posted by mcnaryxc
I understand the project and I think it's great, but you gotta understand what's going on with the world now. I mean, I am a computer builder and understand what you are trying to do. I know the computers the school buys aren't cheap, but water cooling isn't what the school is looking for. The schools don't overclock the cpu's anyway because of the computer's warrenty they get with Dell or other companies. Water cooling is new technology, but Intel and AMD are coming out with cpu's now that have a smaller architecture and create less heat. Going form 90nm to 65nm and smaller. These create less heat. Right now, I run a P4 640 3.2ghz w/HT and 64 bit on and sure, it creates a lot of heat. But what I did was buy a big copper heatsink. It costs half the cost of water cooling and does its job really well. The only problem with this is that it heats up my whole case and makes my room 5 degress warmer. If you could figure something out that was cheap and makes cases cooler and doesn't take up a lot of room, it would be great. Heck, id buy it. But keep in mind, air cooling is at least half the cost or less of water cooling. Good luck!
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