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Default Science Fair Rules: Plagiarism

I know that the rules about plagiarism are very strict for science fairs. What counts as plagiarism? If you take a science fair experiment from here or from another website, does that count as plagiarism? I think that it is plagiarism, but everyone does it. Would it still count as plagiarism if you take the experiment, but add more stuff to it and change a few things? Technically if someone does that, he or she can just say that the website "inspired" them to do the project instead of saying that he or she plagiarised because a few changes were made based upon the experiment.

Can someone please clarify the definition of plagiarism for science fairs? There are a ton of other websites on the internet giving suggestions for science fair topics. And of course, students take the topics and follow step by step. Isn't that plagiarism? Or does it not count because students write their own research paper and re-word the experiment on their abstracts?
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