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Default Different Idea

Originally Posted by pluto929
I'm really interested in astrobiology, you know, about if there is anywher else in the universe that have life.

I have a Question to you all

You know we evolved from non-living stuff

then how does non-living molecules evolving into life, like us, how something not living, possibly become a living thing, (i don't CARE that scientist says it happens over geologic time scale, like million or billions of years) what do you guys think?

About this...
Scientist say that the theory that we evolved from non-living things is called "spontaneous generation"
However I, of course, have a different idea and am taking the christian route on this.
You see, we somewhat eveloved from non'living things. In the Bible, it says that God created Adam from dust, but this isn't really the same as what you are saying. We as humans, in my opinion, didn't evolve. God created us like we are today. He made us in his image, His people.
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