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Talking reply and continue...

hey there guys nice to hear from you and that this thread is coming to life!

well to what I have heard about the dog Snuppy that the guy who said it was a clone has confessed that it was fake... well that's what the news say... who knows...

and that the lamb was clones succesfuly but died in a few days...

and I also heard that some fishes were cloned too...

well I must agree with you SmartyC that it messes with nature but it also will mess with religion!

well the clone would be just the skin of you the outside but it is just like us humans with the feeling and sense but it will have a different attitude and life style it is depending on how it was brought up just like us...

but some say that the clonies are good for organs that are for us if we need like some people who need a heart transplant...

more to come...
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more to come...
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